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Today, almost every coaching conversation was a variation of, “Communication is not easy. It is often an investment. The truth will set you free. Almost every problem — at its root — is a communication problem.”

“What if’s” looking backward will take everything away from you.

“What if’s” looking forward will give you everything.

@thomasfuchs I'm still giving it about 80% chance they come straight to ActivityPub.

is this twitter thing going to make the standard better or worse?

Aight.... reading this update from Jack about Twitter getting onboard with protocol

Tracking down friends who are serious shopify users... hit me up I have something for you to try.

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Interconnected Systems

We are all interconnected. Change is inevitable. We can participate in the change, or we can fight it. Most of us need something to fight for. By choosing to participate in change, we are choosing to fight entropy.