Something good just happened and I burst into tears.

I'm not used to good things happening anymore.

@fraying Know this: about once a week, your videos are the good thing that gives me tears.

@thomasknoll @fraying one of the only reasons I haven’t left Instagram yet.

@fraying @thomasknoll HA! I did realize that may not sound like a compliment!

If it makes you feel better the other reason is my dog's own account

@scully Oh, no, I took it as a compliment. Just apologizing for continuing to paint fences for Zuck.

@fraying Getting closer to moving entirely to @pixelfed

Posting significantly less often to my own IG. being able to post from my Mastodon app of choice helps. Really hope a native iOS app eventually materializes.

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Interconnected Systems

We are all interconnected. Change is inevitable. We can participate in the change, or we can fight it. Most of us need something to fight for. By choosing to participate in change, we are choosing to fight entropy.