Maybe time to repost for those showing up from twitter
The structure of Mastodon and GnuSocial instances provides multiple visible publics by default, and Mastodon's columnar layout (on wider screens) emphasises this. You have your own public of those you follow, and the notifications sent back in response, as with Twitter. But you also have two more timeline choices - the Local and the Federated.

These make the substructure manifest. Local is everyone else posting on your instance. The people who share a server with you are now a default peer group. The Federated public is even more confusing to those with a silo viewpoint. It shows all the posts that this instance has seen - GnuSocial calls it “the whole known network” - all those followed by you and others on your instance. This is not the whole fediverse, it’s still a window on part of it.

In a classic silo, who you share a server shard with is an implementation detail, but choosing an instance does define a neighbourhood for you. Choosing to join or or will give you a different experience from


@KevinMarks I am hoping that at some point a feature will emerge where accounts that are self hosted could be “guests” of one or more instances, and switch into that local view. I know that I could also go create an account on each instance, and maybe that is a better practice.

@thomasknoll I made a while ago to peek at the local and Federated timelines of an instance, but I need to update the list of instances in it

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