Don’t be afraid to invent a wheel.
But, don’t invent a wheel when there is one you can grease.

What are you now?

I am reading “The Heart Aroused” by David Whyte gifted to me by a long time friend who feels like a long lost brother.

There is a literal poetry to this book that behaves like a missing link between three of my other favorite books, “The Seven Story Mountain” by Thomas Merton; “Letters from a Young Poet” by Rainer Maria Rilke; and Tribal Leadership by Dave Logan, Halee Fischer-Wright, and John King.

It takes a strong person
to feel their own emotions
while another person
is expressing theirs…
while remaining compassionate.


I am so sleep deprived that I honestly believe I achieved enlightenment through washing baby bottles.

Today, almost every coaching conversation was a variation of, “Communication is not easy. It is often an investment. The truth will set you free. Almost every problem — at its root — is a communication problem.”

“What if’s” looking backward will take everything away from you.

“What if’s” looking forward will give you everything.

is this twitter thing going to make the standard better or worse?

Aight.... reading this update from Jack about Twitter getting onboard with protocol

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Interconnected Systems

We are all interconnected. Change is inevitable. We can participate in the change, or we can fight it. Most of us need something to fight for. By choosing to participate in change, we are choosing to fight entropy.